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Pest Control Haslingden

It’s not just Rawtenstall we serve!

If you are looking for pest control in Haslingden, then we can help! We are experts in controlling a whole manner of household pests including rats, mice and wasps.

We can remove rats from attics, lofts, garages, sheds and many other areas of the home. Mice can be removed from kitchen cupboards and wasps treated in your roof-line.

If you are suffering from a pest problem, don’t delay before it gets worse… call today!

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Insects Pests

Insects can be very difficult to deal with at your home or property. You can suffer from bites and allergies and feeling a flea bounce off your leg while you are relaxing is not a pleasant feeling to have. Critters like ants, fleas and flies can reproduce rapidly and with flies, in particular, can spread disease and germs. They can also lay eggs that turn into maggots that crystallise and then turn into flies again so it's very important you act fast and call a professional.

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rodent pests

Rodents are a nuisance to any household, especially rats who can spread disease. Rats and mice can squezze through incredibly small holes and will cause disruption by chewing wires and making noise while you are trying to sleep. We can treat these issues and are trained to lay traps and poison on commercial premises. For domestic consumers, we can often remove mice humanely and rats can be eradicated from your loft or garage. Rat access points can also be blocked.