Types Of Pests

rodents, insects & birds

Serving pest control customers in Water and Waterfoot in the Rossendale valley


Insects can soon get out of control and sometimes mother nature needs a little helping hand to keep them in check and under control.

So instead of you the customer reaching out for a bottle of slug pellets or insecticide for those pesky ants, why not call out a professional that will eradicate the problem safely and in a timely manner.

We can in many cases rid you of unwanted insect pests in an environmentally friendly manner while also making sure your children and pets are safe during the process.

Natural pest control solutions are always the best way to remove the insects if possible but there are many other ways and a professional pest controller will best determine the most cost-effective and safest method possible!


We can also treat your home if you have a rodent problem like rats, mice, squirrels or moles. Rats are a real menace especially in the winter where they will enter your home to keep warm and find food.

They can spread disease and cause harm to your wiring. They are often found in lofts and attics and can move around from your home to others in the neighbourhood. They also like garages or sheds where they will build a nest and they are ideal locations because they are often near rubbish bins.


If you have a problem with pigeons, rooks, crows or gulls, give us a call and we will come out to eradicate them or prevent them from entering your land or home. We often get calls from farmers to remove or prevent birds and rural birds can be a real pest.

We also provide a service to keep pigeons under control and can fit bird spikes or netting!